Stuttering to Speaking

craig1.jpgIn 1994, I stuttered so bad, I had trouble saying my name. A gyrating, “C-C-C-Craig” was usually all I could muster. A co-worker introduced me to the Toastmasters program. I knew that public speaking was a good thing no matter what and I HAD to do it. It became my mission.

Along the way, I took many courses, read many books, and took EVERY opportunity I could find to speak.  I learned some things and created new distinctions that helped simplify speaking for me. I shared these ideas with others and people found them helpful. Eventually, people started to beg me to share these ideas with more and more people.

Thirteen years later, today, I decided that this would become my new life mission – helping others to do what I do, to speak in public with power and passion. I do not know where this will lead me, so please come along as we discover together.


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