Angelic Evening

Angels move among us. As a self-proclaimed pragmatic philosopher, my official position on all things unseen is that I simply do not know. To insist that nothing exists beyond the physical seems as blindly faith-bound as believing that something does exist.

Recently, I experienced angels, real angels, angels I could touch. My great friend and best-selling author, Peggy McColl of connected me with The Angel Consultants. They needed a master of ceremonies for a special evening event and Peggy labelled me, “The Guy.” Peg contacted me, told me about the event. It sounded a little weird, so I naturally said, “Yes!”

During the week before the event, which became for the week before the event, I read The Angel Consultants’ entire web site, the whole thing. I read unfamilar words expressing ideas about which I had very little understanding: “guided reading,” “intuitives,” “connecting with my higher self,” “my divine team.” Things I do not understand magnetize me. I have to learn new things. I just do. 

Peg connected me with the organizers. I asked for information on their purpose, how they would like to be introduced, what they would like to get out of the event, what the audience will get out of it. Again, I was faced with words and ideas for which I could not assign a geometric shape. The ideas seemed blobby.

As emcee, my purpose is to set the tone for the evening, to prepare the audience for the presenters. That is usually fairly straightforward. This time was a little different. I wound up gathering as much information as I could and transcribed it into words that satisfied both sides of my brain. I asked Sylvie Brulé and Tara Taylor about it and they said they trusted my intuition and expertise.

On the evening of the event, We started 15 minutes late due to inclement weather. I filled for that time by meeting with the audience for what might be called playtime. The only intended points were to suggest that we all come from different places emotionally, psychologically, and in our life situations. I asked them just to be open to new things, open to personal growth. Beyond that, I remember little else.

My opening and rewritten introductions Sylvie, Tara, and Peg all called “perfect.” The tone for the evening was set and maintained in a spirit of love, fun and openness. I am very grateful for these Angels teaching me to trust my intuition in public speaking.


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