Fools Worth Seeing!

tempest-in-a-teapot.jpgWe all do foolish things sometimes. Yesterday, I watched some fools for 90 minutes. My friend Cindy took me to see A Company of Fools’ production of “Tempest in a Teapot” at the National Art Centre’s 4th Stage. Saturday afternoon, poor weather, let’s go to a play.

When I watch movies, hear musicians, attend productions, part of my mind insists on looking for production flubs. The more I took in the Fools, the more that part of me quietened and I took in the play. Every part of the play was simply amazing. The clever script meandered between The Tempest and observer, between character and commentator, between classical and modern. Scott Florence, the Director and Production Manager, said they wrote the script collaboratively (after stealing its core from the long dead Bard of course). What an amazing collaboration! Its brilliant tapestry of words kept me looking for the next twist and I smiled at every corner.

Blocking, dance choreography, physical movement, props all flowed seamlessly. I was tickled when they placed a prop and several minutes later, picked it up for another purpose. They moved and another actor of object in motion would meet them in the correct spot every time. Flawless.

I am not fond of musicals, but the song and dance pieces in the Tempest didn’t feel like ego-centric pieces of self-important aria, but vocal quips that said, “See how much fun we can have with all parts of our craft!” I enjoyed THIS singing!

I am thrilled to label “A Tempest in a Teapot” one of the most enjoyable productions I have ever seen, large or small. Period.

If you are interested in exploring writing, voice and body experiences for audiences, treat yourself to a production of A Company of Fools. I commented to Scott after the show that I will make attending a habit. Hope you do too!


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