“What’s Next?” Keynote for EDC Toastmasters 10th Anniversary

In 1997, while working at SHL Systemhouse, David McCaw sponsored the Qualicum Toastmasters Club at the Qualicum Business Centre on Baseline Road in Ottawa (okay, Nepean). I mentored the club for six months.

The hard driving, hard playing high tech industry and highly supportive management team made this a fun club where everyone had fun growing to their potential in public speaking.

Craig and Louise Legault-Hatem at EDC Toastmasters 2007-11-2910 years later, with the commitment of amazing charter members Louise Legault-Hatem and Derek Horne, and the leg-up help from Jen Empey, the Club moved to the Export Development Corporation, and was rechristened EDC Toastmasters.

On 2007-11-29, I shared a few moments in the form of a keynote speech at their 10 anniversary party. It was a fun, free-flowing keynote with a simple, meaningful message for them.

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  1. Congrats. Sounds like you had fun.


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