Why Stay in Toastmasters?

You overcame your fear of public speaking. Now you might even enjoy speaking. You might even think you are getting pretty good at it; so do your audiences. Why bother with Toastmasters?

While Toastmasters is often touted and even marketed as a place to overcome the fear of speaking in public, many leave Toastmasters and miss some opportunities:

  • use Toastmasters as a venue to hone your abilities in an environment where the outcome doesn’t matter
  • experiment with new material and delivery
  • receive feedback from people who are generally more aware, selecting the feedback that is helpful and disregarding feedback that is not helpful
  • expand your repertoire of skills into leadership in a non-profit organization where everything must be accomplished with honey; there are no hammers
  • learn many skills of meeting planning from groups of 20 at the club, one-day club officer training for 100-300, and multi-day conferences for 200-400 with meals and a banquet. Continue on as a meeting professional

What do you think? If you have other ideas as to how people can benefit from participating in Toastmasters, click below:

Stay in Toastmasters!

Here are your terrific answers:

  • Andrew Dlugan – “regularly listening, watching, and evaluating other speakers helps boost your own skills”
  • Andrew Dlugan – “give back to the organization by helping less experienced speakers grow as speakers”

4 Responses

  1. Hi Craig:

    Well, I think your opening paragraph describes me reasonably well, and I’m still in Toastmasters with no plans to leave.

    In addition to the reasons you’ve given, I can think of at least two other significant reasons: (1) regularly listening, watching, and evaluating other speakers helps boost your own skills, and (2) give back to the organization by helping less experienced speakers grow as speakers.

  2. Craig,

    You make some good points. I’ve been a Toastmaster for 8 years and have no plans to leave.

    The advanced manuals afford members opportunities to really stretch themselves and develop their abilities much further than simply eliminating fear.

    In addition to remaining an active member of TM, I gain a lot from speaking gigs outside of TM – many of which come to me through TM.

    So, while TM may be touted as place to overcome fear, it is so much more.

  3. Greetings from London, UK!

    I have just completed my number 10 Competent Communicator speech, and have signed up for the Public Relations and Interpretative Reading manuals. Also, I realise that nearly all of my first 10 speeches were delivered with the close use of notes, so my plan is to repeat a few with no, or minimal notes.

    Lots of reasons to stay with the club.


  4. Anywhere you are encouraged to speak in public is
    to be a applauded. Toastmasters was initially set up so give non-professionals an opportunity to practice their public speaking skills to a sympathetic audience.

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