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“Hello, My Name is C-C-C-Craig”


Let’s go back, back to your early teen years, maybe 13, 14 or 15 which are, in fact, your early teen years.  Do you remember the first time you fell in love?  When you saw the most beautiful girl or guy walk past you in school.  Music seemed to play from the walls as they walked by in slow motion.  Ah, total bliss.  You desperately summoned the courage to say, “Hi.”  You walked up bravely, ready to deliver eloquent words of introduction, but instead you stammered, stuttered and stumbled over your words.  Perhaps you dribbled, spit or sprayed on them.  Perhaps you fled in silence into the fantasy world of distant adoration.  With each failed attempt to communicate, you felt yourself growing smaller and smaller. 


If you remember the kind of nervousness you felt with your first romance (and for some of you that was just last week) then you understand what it feels like for those of us who stutter.  Even the simple act of answering the phone can create such fear that when the phone rang I would suggest, “That must be for you.  You answer it.”  Worse, the phone rang and I was alone… [ring] alone… [ring] just the phone and me [ring] alone. (more…)


Stuttering to Speaking

craig1.jpgIn 1994, I stuttered so bad, I had trouble saying my name. A gyrating, “C-C-C-Craig” was usually all I could muster. A co-worker introduced me to the Toastmasters program. I knew that public speaking was a good thing no matter what and I HAD to do it. It became my mission.

Along the way, I took many courses, read many books, and took EVERY opportunity I could find to speak.  I learned some things and created new distinctions that helped simplify speaking for me. I shared these ideas with others and people found them helpful. Eventually, people started to beg me to share these ideas with more and more people.

Thirteen years later, today, I decided that this would become my new life mission – helping others to do what I do, to speak in public with power and passion. I do not know where this will lead me, so please come along as we discover together.