These amazing resources will help!

Documents and Templates

·         Speech Preparation Worksheet.doc

·         Speech Template.doc

·         7-Step Speech Workbook  and Research Guide from John Watkis (Sign up and receive them FREE)

Speech Writing, Grammar, and Style

·         Glossary of Literary Devices

·         Glossary of Rhetorical Terms – University of Kentucky

·         Guide to Grammar and Writing

·         The Elements of Style – Willian Strunk, Jr.


·         Voice Emergent – Barclay McMillan

·         Sylvie Larass – Voice and Presentation Coaching

Public Speaking Trainers

·         Speaking Circles – Lee Glickstein
Effective speaking is simply a series of one-on-one conversations. Master that and you will speak with ease and power, anytime, anywhere.

·         SpeakEase – Pamma Durnin
Effective communication is simply about being our authentic selves

·         Burt Dubin – Speaking Success System

·         Patricia Fripp – Award-winning speaker, Executive speech coach, Sales Trainer, Author

·         Magnify YOUR Magnificence – Kathryn MacKenzie

·         Six Minutes Blogsphere (AWESOME!) – Andrew Dlugan
Public speaking blogosphere to aid readers in the discovery of excellent public speaking blogs, build ties with the blogging community, and to encourage current and future public speaking bloggers.”

·         Successful Speeches – John Watkis

Body Movement

·         Authentic Movement

Acting for Speakers

Acting training is a fantastic way to expand your palette of sound, body movement, and facial expression.

·         A Company of Fools – Shakespeare comes alive!

·         Ottawa Comedy Resource(s)

·         Some Assembly Required – Ottawa Theatre Improv

·         The iNSTITUTION – Ottawa Improv Comedy

World Champions of Public Speaking

Let’s learn from the best!

·         Arabella Bengson (1986)

·         David Brooks (1990)

·         Mark Brown (1995)

·         Dr. Randy J. Harvey (2004)

·         Ed Hearn (2006)

·         Vikas Jhingran (2007)

·         Jim Key (2003)

·         Darren Lacroix (2001)

·         Dana LaMon (1992)

·         Lance Miller (2005)

·         LaShunda Rundles (2008) Her story

·         Brett Rutledge (1998)

·         Dwayne Smith (2002)

·         Ed Tate (2000)

·         Craig Valentine (1999)

·         Otis Williams, Jr. (1993)

·         J.A. Gamache (didn’t yet take first place, but always a Champion to me!


·         U.S. Navy Instructor Guide – Excellent!

·         Magnet for Money – Peggy McColl (Attitudes and Beliefs for Success !)

·         Advanced Networking – Michael J. Hughes, THE Networking Guru

·         Sylvia Goodeve – Life Transition Coach

·         Su Thomas – Communication, Life, and Corporate Coaching

· – Roger Ellerton will renew your life… permanently!

·         NLP Partners – Awesome training… use these processes daily



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