Craig Senior provides the following presentations and training on public speaking. He provides full training, workshops, keynotes, and master of ceremonies services. If what you are after isn’t listed below, just ask for it; I have many sessions that are not yet listed. If I can’t deliver it, I can probably refer you to a great speaking colleague. If I refer you to someone, they will be GREAT!


All Audiences


5 Steps to Impact – Great Speeches in 15 Minutes!

Workshop or Keynote (45 minutes plus practice)

Waste a lot of time preparing speeches? Have trouble assembling your ideas into coherent thoughts? Can’t connect thought with paper? Finally, a solution! 5 Steps to Impact resolves blockages, enabling you to write easily and speak often. Consistently deliver simple, powerful presentations that provide clarity and high to your audiences. Professional speakers and amateurs alike often describe this workshop as an eye-opener. It’s simple, it’s fast, it works!

In 45 minutes, we

·         teach the method

·         review a sample speech

·         ask for a topic from the audience and prepare a 5-7 minute speech right before your eyes

By the time I deliver that speech from their topic, people are smiling, nodding, and even laughing because they are amazed at how the simple model is so powerful. It really works!

Interactive Speech Coaching

Training (1/2 to a full day)

After 5 Steps to Impact, participants take their content and crank up their delivery.

Present a speech and receive positive feedback and energy from your peers. Receive inspirational coaching during a second delivery of the same speech. Deliver in the moment in a style that is congruent with your message. Deliver the speech a third time. People will watch and listen in amazement as your delivery grows dramatically in a very short period of time!

It is Okay to Learn!

Keynote (20 – 40 minutes)

We often hear the phrase, “It is okay to make mistakes.” Craig believes that even using the word, “mistake” is a mistake. Even if it is okay to make a mistake, who really likes to make mistakes? What would happen if we shifted from a mistake culture to a learning culture? This presentation gives a new language, a new way of thinking about all that we do. It gives a way to experiment, to try new things, without ever worrying about it being okay to make mistakes. When things don’t go according to expectations, instead of pointing fingers and shifting blame, we can shift into a mindset of observing, seeking first to understand, and making improvements permanent. If your team needs a lift up, this presentation is for you.

Master the Ceremony

Training (1/2 to a full day)

Were you called on to be a master of ceremonies at a special event at work, at another organization, or even a wedding? Did that set you into a panic? Relax. Learn the details you need to know to master the ceremony. Learn the key questions and details to plan for. Learn how to make the show without stealing it. Learn about room setup considerations, sound systems, and other staff to make your event and the event organizer shine!

Velvet Voice!

Workshop (45 minutes)

Ever hear a wonderful voice? You love it, but you can’t quite describe it or describe why you love it? Learn the characteristics of voice and begin to develop one of those voices for yourself. In this experiential workshop, we play with the sounds your body makes. Develop a palette of vocal textures. Breathe a supportive breath of life from deep within. Allow it to carry your words to the audience and resonate with them. Turn hearing you into a magical experience!




Beat Me At Table Topics!

Workshop (30 minutes, plus individual participation)

Learn and practice the techniques Craig used to win 4 District-level Table Topics championships, and counting. Use this simple, memorable, repeatable technique to quieten the inner monkey and structure your thoughts before you start speaking. Use a simple, repeatable structure to instantly create powerful openings and conclusions every time. This workshop is very free flowing; a little zany; we never know what will happen, but people always love it!

Evaluation Clinic I – Feedback That Inspires!

Workshop (45 minutes+)

For many, speech evaluating is the most difficult activity in the Toastmasters program. This workshop gives a general understanding of the principles of evaluating speeches and presents a simple, repeatable structure for delivering the evaluation. In this hands-on workshop, we receive a live sample speech and every participant prepares and delivers an evaluation.

Evaluation Clinic II – The Language of Evaluating

Workshop (45 minutes+)

Build on the basics acquired in the Evaluation Clinic I: principles and structure of evaluating. Now we add content through the language of evaluating. This workshop presents a vocabulary to describe all aspects of a speeches and speaking. Gain a deeper knowledge of public speaking and a vocabulary to describe it. Become confident in you ability to describe the characteristics of speech structure, content, voice, body movement, hands, and facial expressiveness. Wrap that knowledge into a positive, confident delivery and you have a recipe for valuable, inspiring learning experiences in public speaking. In this hands-on workshop, we receive a live sample speech and every participant prepares and delivers an evaluation.


For information on how you can receive the benefit of these presentations in your organization, e-mail me at, or call 613-590-7950.


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