“About six weeks ago, you came to a Montreal Club Avancé Sélect (in Ste-Thérèse) and you gave us a seminar on [how to answer] table topics.  Even if you had a bad cold, your presentation was very professional [I borrowed an audio system from my friend J.A. Gamache so that I could be heard in a room of 30 people].

I would like to thank you since I finished in second place (out of 6) at the area level.  If you remember, when you gave your exposé in CEGEP de Rosemont, I’ve finish 1 st in my Club and now, second at the area level. It was my first participation, ever, at a table topics contest.  Because of your great teaching, I feel more confident now.”

Jean-Charles Godbout, CA
Comptable agréé et Conseiller en affaires

~ —– · —– ~

“Mr Craig Senior was invited to our Air Cadet Squadron to address a group of cadets who were preparing for an effective speaking competition. Our squadron had eleven speakers, between the ages of 12 and 18 years, who all attended effective speaking lessons over a six month period, and wrote their five minute speeches on one of a series of preselected topics in preparation for the squadron competition. Mr Senior came to some of our classes out of his own time to help the cadets improve our speeches. He was very friendly and would always add some humour into his advice. He helped us greatly with our speeches and we all enjoyed having him come to our classes. 

Not only did he help us to prepare but he also came out to judge the squadron competition and gave us all feedback on our presentations. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, he offered private tutoring for the top three squadron speakers prior to the regional competition the following week, and showed up at the regional competition for some last minute coaching and moral support. 

We all hope that Mr Senior can come out again next year. His advice was invaluable, and definitely helped us to improve our speaking over last year. To have a coach of Mr Senior’s calibre was an honour and a privilege. We cannot thank him enough for the time he has volunteered to 5 Cyclone Squadron effective speakers. He is passionate about his craft and eager to pass on his wisdom to young people. His delivery style is humorous and he makes the training fun, especially when he came to help the other two speakers and I improve our speeches to prepare for the regional competition. He spent an entire evening coaching us, which helped me a lot during my performance at the competition. The difference in the speakers this year was noticeable. Speeches were well structured and intriguing whether the topic was How Canada is a Great Country or My Most Memorable Cadet Moment. Everyone spoke with more confidence and with more expression due to Mr Senior’s instruction. He has inspired us to really take an interest in a skill that will serve us well throughout our future academic careers, and throughout our lives no matter what path we choose. We are definitely inviting him back next year – we hope he is available!”

Chris Fliesser
5 Cyclone Cadet Squadron

~ —– · —– ~

“…thank you for the positive influence you’ve made on the lives of so many!” 

~ —– · —– ~

“Your voice is melodious, pleasant… very warm presentation – heartwarming”

~ —– · —– ~

“You are so appreciated. You have such a gift with words”

~ —– · —– ~

“A heartfelt thanks… for making our evening such a memorable one!” [as master of ceremonies]

~ —– · —– ~

“While I saw a lot of talent and heard excellent speeches, I have to say, Craig had something special.  He walked up on stage and immediately connected with the audience on a personal level.  There may have been 350 people in the room, but you felt like he was speaking to you one-on-one. Craig – you are truly an inspiration to us all.” 

Cindy Goldberg
House of Commons 

~ —– · —– ~

“Your speech evaluation workshop really highlighted some areas that I would like to work on in my own speech evaluations to give more concise, specific feedback for the speeches I evaluate.  You demonstrated that, while an evaluator can suggest ideas that could improve speech delivery, one can do it in a manner that is very constructive, not critical at all, uplifting, and you actually did it with a humourous edge.  I will try this in my next evalution.

I feel privileged to have met you. 5 years now at the Relay for Life all-nighter, you suggested that I get involved in Toastmasters. Well I am glad you did and will always remember that gift.”

Colin McFarlane
CGI Group Inc.


2 Responses

  1. Craig Senior, a WordSmith in every sense of the word. Master of articulating thoughts, ideas and just plain old conversation.

    I met Craig in 2000 and had the pleasure of working with him and getting to know one of the most well spoken people I know. You’d never know he used to stutter and was kind of shy.

    So impressed with Craig’s determination and drive to do better, he earned the NicName DOCMAN….still used today.

    No surprise to see 7 years later the heights he has climbed on sheer will.

    You will one day be internationally famous DocMan….Then you will not just be Rich with words….

    Murray Wambolt
    Transport Canada

  2. November 18, 2008

    A critical soft skill for project managers is communication.

    Notably, the ability to speak effectively, to provide clear direction and link project and organizational goals, facilitate team meetings, encourage team participation and coordinate information sharing.

    “What distinguishes the most sought-after schools and M.B.A. graduates are the “soft skills” of communication and leadership that happen to be among the hardest to teach.”

    R. J. Alsop, Random House Reference, “The Wall Street Journal Guide to the Top business Schools 2006”.

    Communications may be among the hardest soft skills to teach, but Craig Senior has proven to be a master educator, trainer and mentor whose effectiveness is second to none!

    Mark E. Geres
    Program Officer
    Project Management Office
    Canada Border Services Agency
    Ottawa, ON Canada

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